StaMed air cleaner 1000AIR CLEANER Replacement COMPATIBLE FILTERS

  • 8 StaMed 1000 Air Cleaner Replacement Filters
  • 4 Filter Changes
  • as low as 47.98
  • Manufacturer: Fast Shipped-Filters for an StaMed 1000 Air Cleaner
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  • CAUTION: Do not place order using the measurement of the disposable fiberglass pad. Measure the outside frame or refer to filter label inside the c-channel at the top of the filter frame. 



Standard Filter Size up to 20x25



Over Size Filter OVER 14x36


8 StaMed 1000  Air Cleaner Replacement Compatible Filters

4 Filter Changes

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To replace the Media Pad:

  1. Switch the thermostat to the "off" position and turn off the power to furnace/air handler
  2. Open the filter access door or panel
  3. Unplug the adapter cord from the air cleaner
  4. Remove the air cleaner. If dust has accumulated on the outer screens of the air cleaner, brush or vacuum to clean
  5. Carefully open the air cleaner and remove the old media pad and discard into a garbage bag
  6. Position the new media pad - the pad should lay flat and be centered within the frame. 
  7. Close the air cleaner and plug the adaptor cord into the air cleaner powerhead
  8. Re-install the air cleaner into the air handler and restore the power to the air cleaner