• 10 Amana A1EAC-Goodman G1EAC Air Cleaner Replacement Filters
  • as low as $149.99
  • Available in Blue & WHITE 
  • Manufacturer: Dynamic Sales HVAC for an Amana / Goodman air cleaner
  • Shipping in USA (FREE)
  • Shipping in CANADA ($39.98)
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 Standard Filter Size up to 20x25          

Amana A1EAC-Goodman G1EAC Air Cleaner Polarized Replacement Compatible Filters with carbon inner layer

We have custom sizes at no additional charge

We also have larger size filters at additional cost

Feel free to contact us


  • CAUTION: Do not place order using the measurement of the disposable fiberglass pad. Measure the outside frame or refer to filter label inside the c-channel at the top of the filter frame. 

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